carly & david

Ohh that’s our song! Carly said rather excitingly. I thought you must have told Josh & Kylie, said David as he glanced across at Carly and then us.

As the slideshow of their engagement images commenced, so to did the song. Their wedding song. Like the chances of picking the winning numbers, we had picked their song. The images continued as their drew on deep breaths.

Thanks for allowing us to capture these beautiful moments for you Carly & David.

~ Josh & Kylie xxx

joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-1 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-2 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-3 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-4 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-7 joshkylie-cd-eng-3-small joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-8 joshkylie-cd-eng-40-small joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-10 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-11 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-14 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-15 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-16 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-18 joshkylie-cd-engagement-lifestyle-portraits-19

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